Thor International is an international security and

assistance corporation designed to build operational design

ventures, prepare feasibility assessments and develop training and

exercise regimens for US Government agencies and commercial

corporations in emerging countries.


While not limited to any specific field of operations, THOR is focused

on large-scale commercial projects in the natural gas, oil,

telecommunications, and transportation sectors.


We are a US Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that develops international security, stability and commercial growth through partnered projects.  We aid with training exercises with US corporations in both the US and emerging countries through contracting vehicles provided by the DoD, Dept. of State, United States Trade and Development Agency, USAID, and other US Federal agencies.


3-D, 360 Degree Real-Time ISR

Writing for the WIN


THOR INTL continues to be in high demand to provide technical and program management solutions to the highest classified proposal efforts of our Nation's largest defense contractors in support of most demaning intelligence and defense agencies.  THOR INTL provides consulting services on request to ensure your company can submit a creative and winning solution on-time and in compliance.  Strike up a relationship with THOR INTL and hammer your winning solution out in no time.

FOCUS AREA : USTDA Technical Assistance 



  THOR INTL's primary goal is to promote economic security and stability through partnered  programs supported by the USTDA in the following areas of international commerce:

  • Hydrocarbons, Natural Gas, and Energy Platforms

  • Transportation Networks

  • Smart Grid Technologies

  • IT & Communication Networkds

FOCUS AREA: SOF Specialized Technology Development



THOR INTL continues to develop exclusive product partnerships in response to CTTSO and SOCOM stated requirements to answer the most challenging operational environment and threat responses to the US Special Operations and Army community. 

THOR INTL recently completed full field testing with SOCOM at Camp Atterbury, IN demonstrating the latest in Oculus-integrated real-time 3-D, 360-Degree Video ISR technology.  


This technology provides the future warfight with Size, Weight, Power and Price advantages that are as yet unrivaled. Integrating cinematic production technolgy partners with SOF understanding THOR INTL is poised to offer customers a training enhnacement platform for small unit movement, airborne rehearsals, and operational environment familiarization.  


Contact THOR INTL today for demonstrations and detailed discussion on this technology leap.



Doug Orman: President/CEO

Doug Orman: President/CEO

Jim Spence: Chief Financial Officer

Doug Orman is the President of THOR INTERNATIONAL.  He founded THOR INTERNATIONAL based on principles and lessons-learned after successfully completing over 21 years as a Active-Duty Special Forces Officer (Lieutenant Colonel, retired) and Special Operations Command Civil Service (GS-14).  His vision and passion is to create Stability, Security and Economic Growth through commercial-for-profit partnerships in the United States and the International Community where the principles of Free Trade and Governance are trying to be established. Doug holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy and a graduate degree in Defense Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School. 

Jim Spence is the CFO of THOR INTERNATIONAL.  Jim shares the values and vision of THOR INTERNATIONAL and provides the fiscal guidance, forecasts and due diligence to ensure each venture THOR INTERNATIONAL embarks upon is bound for high growth and payoff.   Jim's credentials include the achievement of an MBA while selflessly serving the United States Army in the Special Forces for over 22 years.  He also has the distinguished honor of assisting our next generation of service members as a professor of military science at Michigan Tech University in Houghton, Michigan.  His engineering and business background provide THOR INTL high value as we pursuit global security and stability ventures.