THOR INTL is Hammering Away at SOCOM Logistics

THOR INTERNATIONAL is working hard to bring the cost-savings and power of organized and streamlined Data to Special Operations Forces Support Activity (SOFSA) using the power of INFORMATICA enable Data Warehouse Management and Master Data Management techniques. THOR INTERNATIONAL is working closely to bring products from Big Data Vendors to USSOCOM to find the right venue and the right amount of data, time and metrics to best represent how cloud-based logistics data bases can enable dash board data systems to automate baseline documents; create continuous monitoring of shipping and full transparency of all level of major end items, parts and the notorious 'sets, kits, and outfits' tracking--all this while significantly reducing hardware costs to store, access, and protect the data that allows these analytics to occue. In short, now is 'just the time' for the transition to THOR INTERNATIONAL's version of Specialize Logistics for the Special Operations Community.

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