Enterprise Data Services--SOCOM

Venture Partner Program #1


About the Contract Platform:


The USSOCOM J6 seeks to develop an Enterprise Data Service (EDS) capability that will enable Special Operation Forces Information Environment (SIE) end-users to perform data analysis and knowledge management solutions using their own methods. The infrastructure must be scalable with the ability to ingest new data sources and data types with no required changes to the physical architecture. Scalability is defined as the progression from traditional data analysis to future initiatives such as BAHMCE (Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface, Machine Learning, and Human Machine Co-Evolution) capabilities. 


Our Contributions:

     - Big Data Managment System

     - Hadoop Based Cost-savings 

     - Operations Research and Systems Analysts based Analytics

     - Responsive and Realtime Visualization methodologies

     - Linguistic Machine Learning

     - Video Identity Management and Recognition



     - RFI is completed, awaiting DRAFT RFP